Block out blue light from your life
and say goodbye to digital eyestrain.

What is digital eyestrain?


Disrupted sleep cycles

Eyestrain and fatigue

How does it work? 

On the visible light spectrum, blue light has the highest energy and shortest wavelength out of any other color. The human eye is very ineffecient at blocking out the blue light that our eyes can see, which ultimately causes the eye to strain and work harder.   

The statistics

Over 50% of Americans work in front of a computer

The average adult spends 10 hours a day looking at their digital devices

Kids play Fortnite 5000 hours a day
(Not actually... But kind of)

Prescription eyeglasses
Starting at $120


Non Prescription
Starting at $40


WHAT customers are saying about our gaming glasses.

Reese H.

BC, Canada

Great style of glasses! I work on front of a computer screen all day reading spreadsheets and photo editing. My eyes were straining to the point I had eye drops at my desk. These glasses cut the amount of blue and reduced the amount of stress and less fatigue on my eyes. Great company and know that it's backed by the skate industry.

Dominic C.

Bothell, Washington

I purchased these glasses as "screen glasses" for work and gaming, but have since used them for much more. The yellow tint has reduced my daily headaches caused by harsh blue light from screens. I use these glasses to drive at night, at work, and even on the mountain. They are sturdy and multi-use, would definitely recommend!


Free returns and exchanges within 30 days,
With no questions asked.

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