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Matte Black
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Professional Gamer Faze Dillon Attach Price Portrait with signature gaming frames

Made from a durable polycarbonate material. 100% UV protected and impact resistant.

Unbreakable sunglass frames deisgned by Dillon Attach Price

Blue Blocking Technology
Our Gamer frames are made to protect your eyes from the artificial blue light emitted from media devices. When viewing our phones, computers, Tablets, TVs, or gaming monitors that produces harmful blue light.  Our lens technology shields and redirects the blue light away from your eyes which reduces headaches, loss of concentration and dry/burning eyes.

Blue Blocker, Digital Media lens for everyday use

Spring hinge
Add an additional 30 degrees of flex to help relieve pressure behind the ears.

Titanium Spring Hinges

Also includes microfiber cloth.


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Attach Gamer Black Frame with Blue Blocker Gaming lens

Attach Premium
Free Gift

Regular price $39.95